Casual Work

Don't worry - if you are not signed up to a service package we can still solve any of your IT woes! Below are some of our common jobs please contact us for anything not on the list.

Services List

Computer not running as quick as it used to? It might be in need of a tune-up. Drop it into our office and one of our technicians will give it a full service.

We will assess the damage and create a report to go your insurance provider..

No matter how annoying or dangerous the bug is we can deal to it. Not only will we remove the bug we will check to make sure the Anti-Virus software you are using is doing the job.

Whether or not you purchased the computer from Shepcom, we can assist in getting all your important files transferred across from the old PC.

Run out of disk space? Computer making clicking or clunking noises? Then it might be time to get your hard drive replaced. Prices for this vary depending on whether or not the data from the old hard drive can be recovered.

Computer won't start and you need those precious photos recovered? Shepcom can help. We will retrieve the missing files as long as the hard drive is not completely dead and transfer them onto another device.

If you hit the power button on your PC and there are no signs of life, chances are your power supply has died. Don't panic, 9 times out of 10 your data is safe and you just need a new power supply installed. Price is for labour to confirm fault and install new power supply (note: doesn't include price of power supply, prices vary depending on model)