Proactive PC Monitoring

Tackle small PC issues before they become major ones with the all new Proactive PC Monitoring Service being offered by Shepcom.

Prevent tiny problems becoming major disasters by catching them early. Shepcom's Proactive 24/7 Monitoring helps you monitor the most important aspects of your server, workstation or laptop and chances are that we will detect there is a problem and will have been in contact before you notice anything is wrong. Upon installing the service on your server we will be able to monitor critical elements of your PC 24/7.

Use Shepcom's Proactive 24/7 Monitoring feature to squash problems before they start. Monitoring includes Event Log Checks, Antivirus Update Checks and Hacker Checks, to alert you to a high rate of unauthorized login attempts. Unpatched software can hinder productivity and leave your PC's vulnerable. Shepcoms Proactive 24/7 Security Patch Management feature checks installed Microsoft Windows and Office applications are current and updated. Security Patch Management can also update Non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player and Java.