Proactive PC Monitoring Plus - $8/month

The Proactive PC Monitoring Plus plan is ideally suited for those that want to monitor their PC and when problems arise get them fixed quick. The online backup feature is also a great way of keeping your crucial data safe in case disaster strikes.

Services List

On this plan you get 24/7 monitoring of one computer. A small piece of software is installed on your PC that monitors all facets of the computer's technical system operation. It reports back to our server every 0.5 hours and lets us know if there are any problems detected. For example, errors on your hard drive, viruses, your antivirus software stops updating, your backup has not run or has run with errors, etc. This means that we can pick up on a problem immediately before it becomes a major.
These reports are generated from relevant data gathered from your monitored PC over the past week and are emailed to your nominated email address.
If you have an issue with your computer that can be fixed without a Technician coming onsite, you can invite us to access your computer remotely. This can only be done upon your request and you are more than welcome to sit there and watch us work.
This is a service that automatically updates your valuable data onto a secure server via the internet. Having your data secured in another location is a great way to prevent data loss in the unlikely event of a fire, flood etc. Additional 1GB Blocks of Storage can be purchased at the price of $2 per 1GB.

Proactive PC Monitoring